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  • Go ahead and Curl it, It's real human Hair!
  • All hair is Indian Remi Hair that can be curled and flat ironed
  • Got a bad hair cut or hair just not growing? We have one day solutions for every budget
  • Our hair extensions are available from 18" to 24"
  • Thinning or lost hair due to medications? No worries, we have hair for you.
  • We carry multi color hair extensions and can customize any look you desire

Individual Hair Extensions

Individual hair extensionsIndividual Hair Extensions are made to give you a custom look.  To help fill in hair where you want it the most without unnecessary bulk we take a small bunch of hair that is keratin tipped and install it using a micro cylinder.

Individual Hair Extensions

Individual Hair Extensions cost $400 per pack of 50 extensions. An average head of hair will require anywhere from 100 to 150 extensions; two to three packs.  Individual hair extensions take longer to install and therefore costs a little more.  However you will get a more customized blending of the hair and they look amazing.  


As your hair grows (generally 2 to 3 months) you will need to come in for maintenance.  During the maintenance process we will remove all the hair and recolor your roots if necessary.  We will also re bond the keratin if necessary so that you do not have to buy new hair, and reinstall the hair. Maintenance on individual hair extension is $4 per individual extension.  If you take good care of your hair you can do up to 3 maintenances before requiring new hair.